Oh zaalima (Oh cruel)

Hindi has written on pic and English translations belowoh zaalima

the one who is already suffering for you (aren’t there with him)

why torment him even more, O cruel one…


the one who’s already intoxicated,

why intoxicate him even more, O cruel one…


your eyes are beautiful, your talks are beautiful,

I have become crazy a hundred times.


my heart hasn’t remained mine,

since it became the target of your beauty…

the one whose every heartbeat is you,

why make that heart beat even faster,

O cruel one…


dissolve the perfume of your closeness

in my breath…


why should I alone express my love,

you too say something some time…

it takes my life only,

every excuse of yours has become a killer for me.

the story of my love

starts with you and ends at you only.


if you are a candle,

remember, I too am a moth,

O cruel one, O cruel one…

only after I have seen you,

my first stretch of the morning happens.

(that is, it’s necessary for me to see you to even begin my day.)


tell me why am I called (known as) the cruel one…

why do you disgrace me like that in public,

it’s your fault and I’m the one being called the cruel one…


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